Ubigreen Smart Desk

Workspace management solution (sensors & software full web) for measuring, analyzing and comparing in real time the use of your workspaces

This turnkey solution is low-cost, highly efficient, and you can fully manage the installation with sensors installed in just a few hours. The wireless sensors are operated without any local remote reading infrastructure.

Wireless sensor, no infrastructure


  • Multi-function sensors: real-time occupancy measurement & ambient temperature measurement
  • Sigfox Wireless Remote¬†without local infrastructure
  • 2 configurations: per room under the desk / per room on the ceiling
  • 1 single sensor for any type of workspace

A software full web for data analysis


  • Dynamic plans of use and occupancy
  • Analysis of use, occupancy and performance
  • Real time display or historical reporting
  • Calculation of the capacity and the allocation rate
  • Benchmark of layout configurations
  • Automated Alarms and Summary Reports
  • Analyzes, dashboards and configurable alarms
  • API / Interface for third-party systems (reservation, display)


Measuring real-time occupancy

Measuring ambient temperature


Wireless occupancy sensor

No local infrastructure


Real-time display

Analysis & Indicators

Do you want to optimize your workspaces?