Offers to monitor the operating performance of sites and buildings

Commercial buildings, industrial equipment, public buildings


An approach adapted to each energy problem:

  • STANDARD: Remote reading / integration of energy data + Energy management software full web + accompaniment to energy management.
  • DIFFUSED SITES: Automated collection of invoices and real estate data + web application for the management of energy purchases.
  • SMART ENERGY : Measurement & data collection + energy software full web.


Measure, analyze and compare in real time the use of your workspaces

  • Supplied & installed equipment: wireless occupancy rate sensors
  • Integration: data collection with Sigfox and without local infrastructure
  • 100% web analytics software: analysis of usage, occupancy and performance; real-time display or historical reporting; calculation of the capacity and the rate of assignment; benchmark configurations etc.

Do you have a project to improve the operations of your buildings?