Ubigreen Energy

An offer for every energy issue for commercial buildings, industrial equipment and public buildings

Measure, pilot and analyze your energy consumption

Energy management software

  • Ubigreen Energy software: full web
  • Multi-sites & multi-fluids (water, gas, electricity, temperature, etc.)
  • Fully customizable analyzes, dashboards and alarms
  • Theoretical modeling and predictive analysis
  • Control of energy bills
  • Pre-configured energy ratios
  • Identification, monitoring and management of action plans

Data integration

  • Automated measurement and collection systems
  • Supervision and supervision of remote reading facilities
  • Ability to interface with any type of equipment (counters, sensors, BMS, CTM etc.)
  • Radio and Wire Solutions

Energy monitoring and control

  • A dedicated energy consulting team
  • Accompaniment to energy management with Ubigreen Performance solution
  • Identification of areas for improvement
  • Implementation of energy management plans
  • Steering the implementation of improvement actions

Do you want to reduce your energy bill?