Smart remote reading with Ubigreen

Remote reading offer

Ubigreen provides a remote reading multisectoral offer of multi-fluid consumptions (water, electricity, gas, temperature, air quality) with wireframe mode or radio mode (M2M) depending on the configuration of the buildings.

 remote reading

  • Remote reading for electricity meters, water, gas and other fluid
  • Ability to interface with any type of equipment manufacturers (counters, GTB, GTC etc.)
  • Validation engine and automatic data correction
  • Manual entry and mobile polling count data
  • Connectors for interfacing with existing information systems (CMMS, asset management tools, vendor invoices, SSO, ERP etc.)
  • Automated import of supplier invoices (CARD contacts, diatège, Provalys see supplier sites)
  • Architecture for Big Data processing large volumes of data
  • Integration of existing remote reading operators (M2O City, SigFox etc.)

Data analysis is possible in addition with the software Ubigreen Performance from a simple internet connection (SaaS).


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