Find out how to reduce your energy bills by 30%

How can I reduce my energy bills fast? 

  • We install wireless sensors on your water, gas, electricity and other fluid/liquid meters
  • You automatically collect readings for all consumption using Ubigreen Performance solution
  • You receive real-time alerts for all excess consumption, leaks, malfunctions/failures (e-mail, SMS)
  • The solution analyses, compares and evaluates your performance indicators
  • You take the right decisions thanks to your analysis dashboard
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Ubigreen’s commitments: 

  • NO installation work required and NO modification of your buildings
  • VERY EASY to use
  • See the first results in A FEW WEEKS
  • A REDUCTION of up to 30 % in your energy bills
  • ROI in less than a year!

Why do our clients adopt Ubigreen Performance? 


Are you looking to reduce your energy bills?