Optimize the energy performance of your buildings

With its global service (Software, Deployment and Consultancy), Ubigreen Performance energy analysis software enables its users to deal with the issue of energy management as a whole.

Reduce your energy bills by 30% thanks to Ubigreen

Ubigreen Performance is the leading fully customisable energy management solution. Designed for managers of commercial or residential buildings, industrial facilities and public buildings, Ubigreen Performance is an innovative and scalable solution.

With Ubigreen, get your ISO 50001 certification

Whether you manage a service buildings that you run a local authority or you take care of industrial equipment, the Ubigreen Performance software is based on the methodology PDCA (Plan / Do / Check / Act) of ISO 50001.

Ubigreen Performance Solution

Discover the video demonstration of the software Ubigreen Performance, allowing you to set up an energy and environmental management to control, to monitor and to optimize the energy consumption of your buildings.


How to optimize your buildings energy and speed up your ISO 50001 approach?


How to control the energy of your factories in a structured way and improve your competitiveness?


How to define energy objectives and reduce your energy bills by 30%?


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MWh saved since 2012

m3 of water saved since 2012 by detecting water leaks


Enter the era of the intelligent building with Ubigreen Performance solution. Manage your electricity, water and gas meters, or meters for any other fluids/liquids remotely, whatever their geographic location. You can manage an unlimited number of meters or sensors, and remotely configure the frequency of data collection.


Harness all the power of a piece of next-generation energy diagnostic softwareand receive instant email or SMS alerts in the event of consumption irregularities. Thanks to Ubigreen Performance, detecting water leaks or excess energy consumption is child’s play.


Improve your energy performance by choosing from around twenty advanced technical analyses and energy widgets. Enjoy using an intuitive, extremely sophisticated and continually improving energy monitoring toolbox, which makes Ubigreen Performance the perfect energy analysis software.


Involve the occupants of your buildings in your environmental responsibility initiative using public energy management dashboards. This will ensure that every member of your organisation will receive advice on improving their energy usage.


Opt for forecasting consumption calculated from the history and personalized thermal models for each building.


Manage your action plans shared between users: manual or automated actions via third-party controllers and systems.

Are you looking to reduce your energy bills?